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Peace and panoramic views, high above Montreux! Situated on the heights of the Vaud Riviera, in a dominant position and just a stone's throw from its nerve center, Chernex, the project is precisely located in Chaulin. A charming hamlet belonging to the commune of Montreux. Backing onto the Vaud Pre-Alps, the views are breathtaking, stretching from the Dents du Midi, over Grammont and Lake Geneva to the Lavaux terraces.
Chaulin is the promise of a comfortable location and beautiful nature walks, all within a stone's throw of the city.

The village is only seven minutes by car from Montreux, and 12 minutes from Vevey. These towns have everything to make life enjoyable: stores, festivals, hotels, monuments and sites, museums, restaurants and bars, casino, Christmas market, lakeside promenade and, not forgetting, a microclimate that lends them an aura of popularity that extends beyond the country's borders.
Chaulin 56 by Swissroc - 035526


Chamby-Chaulin is part of the commune of Montreux, in the Riviera-Pays-d'Enhaut district.

This unspoilt location enjoys a reputation for excellence thanks to the beauty of its natural surroundings and its breathtaking panoramic views over Lake Geneva.

The project benefits from all the amenities of Montreux, which are easily accessible by car or public transport.

At school level, primary and secondary schools are also located in the center of Montreux, as are the international schools "St-Georges School" and "Glion".

The project benefits from all of Montreux's amenities, which are easily accessible by car or public transport
Chaulin 56 by Swissroc - 035526